“I am 39 years old. My main complaint was the severe exhaustion and lack of energy and it was tortuous making it through work everyday. I felt that my brain was permanently wrapped in cotton wool.  I had been on natural supplements and gluten/dairy/sugar free lifestyle for 6 months and I hadn’t seen any major changes.  I read the 360 health pamphlet while waiting for healthy hub to open, so decided to give it a go. I was very apprehensive about the visit but Zoe was very reassuring and kind. I went through the process and spent nearly 15 minutes afterward expelling everything. I felt nauseous and sick when I got home and had tea and went straight to bed.  For the first time in 4 years I woke up before my alarm and felt extremely young and vibrant. The hazy cotton wool feeling in my head was completely gone and this was the first day that I can recall in many years that I did not yawn once during the day.  I highly recommend this treatment! I have taken my mother for her treatments as well and she also highly recommends this. Joyce”

“My experience with 360 health and my colonic has been amazing! Katie talked me through the whole process, making it as comfortable as possible. Without the treatment I wouldn’t have been able to go overseas. My health has improved immensely! It is money well spent to improve my quality of life. I feel so clean and healthy inside out.” Janelle

“I have always had a passion for natural therapies and holistic healing and enjoy the benefits they have to offer. My closest friend had a colonic cleanse in Byron Bay and suggested I try it to see if it helped the eczema on my hands. After being comfortable with her feedback I booked in to your clinic. My hands which I use for literally everything were cracked, sore and a constant pain literally, I was happy to try anything at which point I felt like I already had. This was my last resort before booking to see  a skin specialist and using ointments I didn’t feel comfortable with- but with a new born baby and washing my tissue paper thin hands more than ever I wasn’t sure what else to do.  Katie on my first Appointment was absolutely fantastic, she made me feel so welcome. I was so impressed with her professionalism, clarity and she made me feel I was in a safe environment.  I knew my body was sensitive to a lot of things so I wasn’t surprised that immediately after my first cleanse I had an unforgettable headache and spent some days feeling only what I could describe as a horrible hangover. I was certain this would get better and believed the toxins I had stirred were coming out to the surface. After my initial cleanse my hands started to crack, bleed and literally be the worst they had ever been. I was beside myself in pain and there was a point after six to seven years of having eczema on my hands that I broke down in tears- the pain of even moving my fingers was unbearable.  By day 4 my headache was gone, my skin was still cracking but I found something of interest. My four month old baby whom I had battled to get to sleep both day and night out of the blue starting sleeping at seven when I put her down, there was no fuss and no battle. I also noted that Instead of only ever taking one breast to feed she started taking both hence sleeping a little longer between feeds. I was up every two hours prior to my cleanse and now it’s stretched to three. Now that I think is directly related and quite the achievement.  After my second cleanse I told Katie these things and she suggested I take some notes to monitor the changes. About three days after my second treatment, I noticed my hands were starting to look a little better, a few less cracks, a little less pain, my eyes weren’t watering after washing my hands and I wasn’t gritting my teeth to do simple tasks. Day after day my hands are looking better…!!! Now this was super exciting!! I felt lighter, clearer and more able to cope with sleep deprivation- believe me after the amount of sleep I’ve had in the last five months that’s been an amazing feeling.  I have my third cleanse next week and I am so hopeful there are more benefits to see! My husband is so happy for me with my skin irritation, it was effecting my life in so many ways.  I have become your biggest advocate and highly recommend 360 Health. I am so excited and have attached some pics of my hands before and after for you.  Thankyou,”

“After recently being scheduled for a colonoscopy I chose to have a colonic lavage instead if the usual prep which is harsh on your body and uncomfortable.This was a great choice for my internal health pre and post colonoscopy. 360 Health made me feel at ease and I would highly recommend this as a healthier option to the regular preps.”

“I had delayed having a colonoscopy because I struggled with the severity of the preparation but then I was offered the choice of a colonic irrigation with Zoe Wicks at 360 Health as an alternative. I had considered trying colonic irrigation previously to see if it would help with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms and was pleased to be able to try it for both reasons.

I was a bit anxious and concerned that it may be embarrassing or painful but it was better than expected! Zoe was very professional in her approach and explained what was happening. The massage was very pleasant and she made the whole process as relaxing as possible.

I can honestly say I feel better since the irrigation and my IBS has settled so it was a double bonus for me. I will have colonic irrigation with Zoe again for the feeling of well-being and would recommend it as a gentler alternative to the more traditional method of bowel preparation for colonoscopy”

“I just wanted to say a few words of appreciation.  Firstly I cannot believe I waited for so long to get the courage to pick up the phone and make this appointment. I have always felt too embarrassed to even contemplate going through such a procedure until one day recently I felt I had no other option. I had been suffering terribly. I was in absolute pain. I hadn’t gone to the toilet for almost 2 weeks. All my life I have been health conscious choosing the healthier options and exercise but I still suffered from years of constipation. I have had to take laxatives since I was a teenager. I am 46yrs and I have always presumed I was most likely lactose intolerant and my body couldn’t digest meat. Recently I was introduced to a new lifestyle change and was so excited to give it ago as I was told it would fix all my issues. So I start off with a 30 day cleanse. I lasted 2 weeks and ended up here pleading for relief. Zoe was just amazing. From the moment Zoe introduced herself she made me feel at ease and relaxed. All my fears had vanished and I was so intrigued with her knowledge, expertise and experience. I was constantly reassured throughout the procedure and learnt so much as she explained everything along the way. I couldn’t thank Zoe enough.  I haven’t had any constipation and haven’t had a laxative since that day as Zoe treated me and gave me advice and tips of what I needed to do to prevent this problem reoccurring. I still can’t believe I had wasted all my years worried about being embarrassed when Zoe made it an experience in which I want all out there to know ….. Just Do It…. The best thing You can do for not just your body your mind and spirit.”

“I’ve had colonics before but it’s hard to find a practitioner who operates with the excellent system available at 360 health. During the process Zoe was professional and calm, as a well as very knowledgeable about many aspects of health. Everyone can benefit from these treatments, especially if you’re on a new health journey or a doing a kick start program – it is one of the best ways to help the body renew and repair. I certainly felt like a weight was lifted in more ways than one after my treatments!”

“I first came to see you as if was struggling with brain fog, stress and fatigue which after some research I thought could be because of the issues with constipation I have had. I was quite nervous about my first treatment but you made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. You have a high level of professionalism and have such a positive attitude which is contagious. I would recommend you to any of my family or friends!Now 5 weeks on and after 4 treatments I can say I feel a massive difference in energy levels and the brain fog disappeared completely after my second treatment. The advice you gave me about my diet and supplements has also been a great benefit. I also found the online booking system and email reminders to be handy.”

“I just wanted to say a heart felt thank you for the professional and empathetic service that you have provided to me in recent weeks. I have been to several different Colonic Irrigation practices over the past few years and have not felt as comfortable and relaxed as I have with you. Your knowledge in your craft and quietly spoken gentle approach made me feel relaxed and confident that I was in the right hands. You clearly outlined what I could expect before, during and after the procedure so that I was never left wondering ‘what might be next’. I appreciate your interest in my health, diet and lifestyle and the suggestions that you made for me to maximize the benefits of the colonic procedures. The course of colonics has left me feeling healthy, ‘clean’ and more energized. I have sung your praises to my friends and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your business to anyone who was seeking this kind of health care. I look forward to having many regular ‘tune ups’ with you in the future. Regards, Jenny Bremner

“I had been wanting to try this ‘ colonic irrigation’  out for years but never went out of my  way to do anything about it. I am willing to try new ideas when it comes to improvement in my health or just daily life. My girlfriend seen Zoe’s flyer advertising this service and knowing i was always talking about it wanted me to put up or shut up. So to her shock i went out and started my first of four. I didn’t know what to expect as all i knew was ‘they
stuck a hose up your bum and turned the tap on’. I found it an unusual experience the first time but noticed the benefits not long after my first . I slept better at night for longer and felt like i had more energy throughout the whole day. I like to go running 3 or 4 times a week and this is what amazed me the most, my times on average over 5kms had come down by 30seconds.  I found Zoe to very calming and pleasant during the whole procedure and knowledgeable about anything i asked of her. I would recommend this to anyone who maybe looking to try or is a bit reluctant to try.” Aaron Press, 42 Male

“Hi Zoe, Thank you for your caring and professional approach to having a Colonic. I’m feeling less toxic and the bloating has gone.  It’s just a matter of keeping on track with the right kind of foods that best suit my needs. I would recommend Zoe at 360 Health to anyone who is needing a great start to a healthier body. Thank you Zoe, See you soon for another cleansing. Julie”

“Initially walking past Neil’s Organics, I looked at your brochures a few times, thinking that I would like to try and reading the brochures intrigued me, more as too what the degree of results are and of course the benefits.  Having the series of treatments has been so positive on my health struggling with psoriasis, I have seen my skin clean up quickly, also I find I have more energy to do things, not so lethargic.  The experience has enhanced the quality of my life, I feel lighter and not so bloated.   I think anyone who wants to improve the quality of their lives health wise should have a series of treatments.  Just try it, you will be pleasantly surprised!” Joanne

“I was lacking energy and suspected problems in my abdomen region.  After seeking medical advice it appeared that I had issues with my liver.  However, I was left feeling disappointed and none the wiser as to what the problem might be.  I decided to look for an alternative solution and found 360 Health.  Zoe immediately instilled confidence in me and initiated a plan to clean my colon, liver, kidneys and gall bladder.  The results after a few short weeks have been nothing short of amazing.  I have renewed energy and my liver is feeling a lot better.  I am very excited to continue my therapy; with Zoe’s  guidance I feel confident the results will be of long term benefit to my health.  I highly recommend Zoe Wicks at 360 Health if you are not feeling well in the abdomen or considering giving your system a long overdue clean up!”

“Suffering from chronic constipation over many years, Colon Hydrotherapy is something I have considered for some time, but I was never quite sure if this process could benefit me. It was by chance that 1 walked past Zoe’s clinic at a time when I was experiencing some uncomfortable weight gain, excessive abdominal bloating, abnormal flatulence, lack of energy and a feeling of being generally unwell. From the onset Zoe set my mind at ease with her professional, friendly manner
and I soon began the process of Colon Hydrotherapy. After my first visit, my body felt very much at ease, cooler and lighter inside. Very soon after following up with subsequent visits, the difference was amazing!
The results were that:
• my bloating had receded
• I felt much more alive
• I had an amazing increase in energy
• I had lost weight (4kg in 4 weeks)
• I had less flatulence
• my skin became clearer (people told me I looked years younger)
• the nagging backache I had been experiencing for quite some time had
Today constipation is a thing of the past, I am enjoying a feeling of wellness that has escaped me for many years and I am ever so grateful to Zoe for such incredible results. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or would simply like to increase your vitality and improve your quality of life, I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Zoe for some Colon Hydrotherapy.” Fran T.

“I contacted 360 Health with a desire to clean out the old junk that has caused me trouble for SO many years. From emailing Zoe, to speaking with Zoe on the phone I already knew that she was the perfect professional to look after me in this way. And when I met her in person the comfort continued. If you are looking for a practitioner that will make you as comfortable as possible while providing an immaculately professional service… then 360 Health is your stop.”

“I have always been interested in colonics- I believe in the power and healing ability of the gut system so for me seeking a hydrotherapist was definitely a priority for my health.  I seeked out 360 health as Zoe has a closed system – something that was important to me.  I also immediately felt comfortable with Zoe. To seal the deal the price was very affordable.  I was excited on the day.  I was already a convert but my experience was hands down unbelievable and I can honestly say one of the best things I have done for my health. It’s not embarrassing at all as Zoe makes you completely at ease and comfortable.  The health benefits and later the feelings of elation far outweighed any thought of embarrassment.  Later that day I felt tired but the next day I had a whole new found energy.  My body felt great and I slept very well as my body wasn’t trying to process food stuck in my colon.  I felt light and vibrant.  I cannot express my elation enough.  Matt Monarch – founder of The Raw Food World feels that colonics are a central part to health and spirituality and now I understand why.  Via colonics your body has time to “function” on a new found level instead of just “functioning” processing food.  This is what I experienced with Zoe and 360 health.  It is with much gratitude that I thank Zoe for her time and expertise.  There is no time to waste – colonics are so important.” Sarah

“I had been living with a lot of pain and discomfort after being diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease a few years ago and also other auto immune diseases and I had had enough. I researched about Colon Hydrotherapy and it seemed it would benefit me so I then researched who could do it. I came across 360 Health and even better Zoe Wicks. Zoe is so understanding and knowledgeable and I felt comfortable with her the whole time as she kept me informed of what was happening the whole way through. After my first appointment I felt better than I had in quite a few years and my health is now on the right track and I am achieving my own personal health goals. I would and have recommended Zoe and 360 Health to anyone who wants to give themself a great health kick or someone who just wants to help regain their health.” Melinda Baty

“When I attended 360 Health I had never had a colonic before, Zoe made me feel at ease straight away. She provides a very high quality and professional service. I have felt my health improve greatly since my series of colonics and would highly recommend them to others.”

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